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Why can’t I see any prices and how to obtain prices? 2017-11-05T06:59:23+00:00

We are a wholesale supplier. When selling in bulk, price depends on one thing only: quantity.

Therefore, there is no “one price fits all”.

If you are buying one carton, the cost will be very different than if you are buying 100 cartons, or a full container load.

Every product has an “enquiry” link. Click on the link it will take you to the enquiry cart.

You can add many different items to the enquiry cart.

Once we receive your “enquiry cart”, which will include your email address, we will get back to you promptly,

offering you the absolute lowest price available based on your needed quantity.




What are the best shipping methods? 2017-11-05T06:47:07+00:00

There are usually 4 ways for shipping: ocean freight, normal post, airline and express delivery. By reviewing your order, we will recommend the most cost-effective shipping way.

Ocean freight for full container orders:

Normally for importing wholesale goods, ocean freight is the cheapest way that most importers chose.

Container type & volume: 20 foot (28cbm)/ 40 foot (58cbm)/ 40HQ (68cbm)/ 45HQ (78cbm).

The container will ship to the nearest international seaport in your country.

After that, custom clearance and all process can be done by your hired local customs broker, the contact information can be found on internet or your yellow page.

PS: We can also have the shipping agent send the container directlly to your door if you like.


Ocean freight for bulk shipment:

When a wholesale order is less than a full container, for example 5-10 cartons, the order can still be shipped by ocean freight.

Ocean freight per CBM to most international main seaport is actually cheap,

but the standard cost of exporting a shipment(like custom fee, port handling charges in China etc) will still need to charge in your order.

When you receive the goods, there is an extra cost called “discharge fee per cbm” will need to be paid beside the regular cost in your port.

(this extra cost will not charge when you import a full container).

Many importers that buy less than a full container, usually total order about 10 cartons, tend to use this kind of ocean freight.

Depending on which international seaport it is, the ocean freight normally takes about 10-20 days. To some Asian countries could be just a few days.


Normal post delivery:

Usually suitable for orders of upto 5 cartons.

The goods will be sent to the post office nearest to your address, and would need to be picked up from there.

Shipping freight for normal post delivery is relatively cheap.

It can be also used for sample orders delivery purpose if you are not in urgent need of the goods.

Shipping time is 5-8 weeks depend on the location.

Keep in mind the post office shipments are cheap, but cannot be tracked. Once the goods have been sent, there is no way of knowing where they are.


Airline delivery:

When you are in urgent need of the goods, the goods will be shipped by air to your nearest international airport, and you would need to pick up the goods and do the customs clearance procedure from there.

Shipping time is around 4-5 days, depending on which city. For some countries near China could be a lot faster.

The way to calculate air freight is based on measurement weight, plus the china customs cost needs to be paid, sometimes airline is more expensive than express delivery.


Express delivery:

Normally we use EMS express as the freight calculation is based on the actual goods weight not measurement weight, therefore the freight will be relatively cheaper.

EMS is 1-2 days later than other express companies. Normally takes a week.

It is perfect for sample delivery or trial order shipment, enables you to receive the samples/goods promptly for bigger order evaluation, so you can decide your next investment for making money.


Plan ahead carefully. Producing the goods and then shipping them to you takes a long time. Don’t get stuck without goods. We have your best interest at heart: please listen to our expert advice. We will always recommend the most cost effective method of shipping based on the urgency and size of your order.


What is your sample policy? 2017-11-05T06:31:39+00:00

We offer sample FREE OF CHARGES when customer place the wholesale order with us after the first Purchase of their interested product samples.

And we can also offer a few new samples FREE OF CHARGES that you chose, to ship in a container order.

In the case of the first time sample purchase, the sample cost has to be paid.

Please be kindly note that sample price could be much higher then the wholesale China price due to all the work to prepare, test , pack and ship the samples, but sometimes it could be less then the retail price.

To invest money on the first sample order could enable you to receive the sample quickly and do the quality and marketing evaluation, therefore you can come back and order more quantity to get lower cost and make more and more profits.

Express delivery is the regular way to ship samples, in the case that you are not in urgent need of the samples, we can ship you the goods by NORMAL POST delivery which takes longer time but freight is relatively much cheaper.
Its also suitable for the 1-2 boxes of trial order.

If you are ready to order samples, please kindly advise the item no. and how many units you want , we will email you back the sample cost & shipping cost with bank information for a wire transfer payment.

Shipping freight has to be prepaid, any express co. account number for freight collect will not be accepted.

We appreciate your kind understanding and look forward to working with you on any quantity order.

How is the cost of shipping calculated? 2017-11-05T07:02:56+00:00

The cost of shipping depends on the volume of your order, both cubic and in weight, the speed of delivery you need, (Ocean freight or Air), and of course, where you are located. Once your order is confirmed and we know what exactly you are ordering, and how you want the goods shipped, we can then calculate the cost of shipping. This is the final step before placing the order.